Civil War


The Dred Scott Decision

March 6th ,1857

Dred Scott was a african american slave that seceeded from missouri to illinois seeking for freedom until he was pushed into court and served the same year for two months.

Succesion of South Carolina

Nov 9,1860

South Carolina became the first slave state in the south.

Abraham Lincoln

Approx. November 16th 1860

November 16th 1860 President Abraham Lincoln was elected President Of The United States Of America.

Confederacy is formed

February 4, 1861

11 southern states that seceeded from the Union.

Firing on Fort Sumter

April 12, 1861

Confederacy fired on fort sumter.

Battle of Gettysburg

July 1st ,1861

Stopped the confederacy from their second invasion.

Battle Of Bull Run

July 21 ,1861

First major land battle of the Virginia armies.

Battle of Second Manasses

Aug 28 ,1862

It was Much larger in scale compared to the first and fought during the civil war.

Battle of antietam

Sep 17, 1862

emancipation proclamation

Jan 1 ,1863

Battle of Chatanooga

Sep, 1863

The union army routed back to Chattanooga.

The Fall of Richmond

April 2nd, 1865

The fall of Petersburg became imminent on Evacuation Sunday.

Battle of appomattox

April 9, 1865

Robert Lee surrended 28,000 troops to the union.

President Lincoln's assassination

April 14, 1865

Actor John Wilkes fatally shot Abraham Lincoln is the head.