Effects of Imperialism


The Great Rebellion

1800 - 1900

Cause: The initial cause for the rebellion was rumors that the British were greasing their guns with pig and cow fat, both sacred to the two dominating Indian religions.
Effect: The Indians rebelled resulting in Indian nationalism, and a hope for freedom.

The Suez Canal

1854 - 1869

Cause: North Africa drew the French in because of its raw materials, but the modernness of the Nile River Valley inspired France to do more.
Effect: The building of the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal allowed there to be a faster way from Europe to Asia. Although this was made for the better good of the Europeans, it still benefits many today.

The founding of De Beers

1881 - Present

Cause: The colonization of South Africa by the British.
Effect: The world's largest produced in diamonds was formed.

Although the De Beers do/did not treat their workers with respect, at all, they have made the economy of South Africa increase.

Muhammad Ahmad's Resistance to British Rule

1885 - 1898

Muhammad Ahmad and his forces resisted British rule for over thirty years. Muhammad Ahmad refused to turn over Sudan to Britain, because of his African nationalism. This showed the people of Africa that Europeans were no better than them.
Cause: Racism towards Africans from Europeans.
Effect: Muhammad Ahmad refused to turn over Sudan to Britain for 30+ years. This sparked much needed African nationalism.

The revolt and exile of Emilio Aguinaldo

January 1898 - December 1898

Cause: The Americans invaded the Philippines.
Effect: This caused Filipinos to revolt and sparked nationalism.

The Establishment of the Union of South Africa

1910 - Present

Cause: The tension of South Africa, between the Boers, the indigenous people (the Zulu's), and Britain created a long period of wars.
Effect: The high tensions of these three groups caused for a unification, even though the indigenous peoples welfare was not considered at all.