the first findings of the Native Americans


When Christopher Columbus first cam in contact with the Native Americans, they had to be taugt how to wear clothes how to make houses.

Juan Ponce de Leon enounered Calusa Indians

May 1513

Juan Ponce de Leon encountered Calusa Indians while exploring te Gulf coast of Florida near Charlotte Harbour. In a fight with the Calusa, Juan Ponce de Leon captured 4 warriors

Hernan Cortes


Hernan Cortes invaded Mexico, completing his conquest of the Aztec empire in 1521 and estbalishes the colony of New Spain.

first kidnapping

8th July 1524

the first kidnapping took place when Italian explorers kidnapped an Indian child to take to France.

Cabeza de Vaca


Cabeza de Vaca and his companions meet some Spanish slave hunters near Culiacan on the Mexican west coast. On their way to Mexico city, where their adventure ssdfsparks interest in the mysterious lands of the North.

Fray Marcos de Niza


Fray Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan friar, is sent to explore the lands north of Mexico, guided by Esteban, the African-American who had accompanied Cabeza de Vaca. Within a year, Marcos returns with news of a great city called Cibola, where Esteban was killed,

Hernando De Soto lands at Tampa Bay Florida


Hernando De Soto lands at Tampa Bay, Florida and begins an exploration across the southeast.
After defeating resisting Timucuan warriors, Hernando De Soto executed 100 of them, in the first large-scale massacre by Europeans on what would become American land. The event is known as the Napituca Massacre.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado


Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led Mexico's invasion of the north with an expeditionary force of 300 conquistadors and more than one thousand Indian "allies." When they reached Cibola, they found not the promised metropolis but "a little, crowded village, looking as if it had been crumpled all up together." This was the Zuni Pueblo of Hawikuh, whose warriors answered with arrows when Coronado demanded that they swear loyalty to his King. Within an hour, the Spaniards overran the pueblo, and over the next few weeks, they conquered the other Zuni in the region.

The Tiguex War

1540 - 1541

The Tiguex War was was fought in the winter of 1540-41 by the army of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado against the 12 pueblos of Tiwa Indians along both sides of the Rio Grande River in New Mexico. It was the first war between Europeans and Native Americans in the American West.

Hernando De Soto's expedition was ambushed

October 18, 1540

Hernando De Soto's expedition was ambushed by Choctaw tribe in Alabama who killed their livestock and 200 Spaniards. The remaining Spaniards then burned down the Mabila compound, killing some 2,500 people who were inside.