World War 1


World War I Started

June 28, 1914

There was tension between European powers so that when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated, war broke out.

Christmas Truce

December 24, 1914

Both sides agreed to no fighting and joined each other in no man's land and spent Christmas together.

Germany Declares "War Zone"

February 4, 1915

Any and all vessels around Great Britain were targets.

Zimmerman Letter

January 19, 1917

Letter sent by Germany to get Mexico to join in on the war in an alliance.

U.S. Enters World War I

April 6, 1917

The U.S. joined its allies when Germany decided to resume the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare and when Britain intercepted the “Zimmerman Letter”.

Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points

January 8, 1918

A statement of principles for peace to be used for peace negotiations to end the war.

Germany Launches Spring Offensive

March 21, 1918

Series of German attacks on the Western Front.

Battle of Argonne Forest

September 26, 1918 - November 19, 1918

Largest battle the U.S. participated in at the time and was one of the series of allied attacks to end the war.

World War I Ended

November 11, 1918

Germany surrendered.

Treaty of Versailles

June 28, 1919

The peace treaty that officially ended the war and created more conflict with Germany for starting the war.