Nancy Reagan's Timeline


Nancy Reagan Is Born

July 6, 1921

Nancy Reagan whose original name is Anne Frances Robbins was born on July 6, 1921 in Sloane Hospital in New York City. She was named after her Father’s great-great-great-grandmother, Anne Ayres and her maternal grandmother, Sarah Frances. She was nicknamed Nancy by her mother. Nancy’s Mom Edith Robbins was married to Ken Robbins.

Nancy's School

1929 - 1939

Nancy Davis attended a private school called Girls Latin and Boys Latin which she attended for 10 years from 1929-1939. Nancy really wanted to be a star, in College she got bad marks on Science and Math but she excelled on Drama.

Nancy's Mom Edith Robbins

May 21, 1929

Nancy’s Mom Edith Robbins was a great radio soap opera actress and stage actress. Edith Robbins met Loyal Davis and got married to him on May 21 1929, and moved to Chicago with Nancy. Loyal Davis adopted Nancy Robbins when she was 14, and she legally changed her name to Nancy Davis. Edith Davis made sure that Nancy was invited to the best parties by paying Ms. Campbell $300.00 to be her “social coordinator”

Nancy Davis gets married

February 29, 1952

On February 29, 1952 Nancy Davis got married to Ronald Reagan. Their first baby Patricia Ann Reagan, nicknamed Patty, was born on Oct. 21, 1952 nearly 8 months after they got married. On May 20, 1958, Ron Prescott Reagan was born. Patti Davis grew up to be an Actress and an Author. While Ron Reagan grew up to be a radio host and political analyst for KIRO Radio and later, Air America Radio. Ronald Reagan had other children from previous marriage to Jane Wyman, like Christine Reagan, Maureen Reagan and Michael Reagan.

Nancy Reagan's husband Ronald Reagan gets elected President

1981 - 1989

On 1980 Ronald Reagan was elected President of the USA. Nancy Reagan was very proud of her husband. He got re-elected for his second term 4 years later. Nancy Reagans' 8 years at the White House were one of the most significant years in her life.

Ronald Reagan's Death

June 5, 2004

On June 5, 2004 Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the USA died. After having suffered from Alzheimer's disease for a decade. A funeral was held in Santa Monica, California. And then Nancy Reagan says her last goodbyes before the interment at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Nancy Reagan's death

March 6,2016

Nancy Reagan’s importance to society was her role in supporting and defending her husband. Nancy Reagan loved her husband very much. “ The Gaze” which was the look back then that she gave her husband everytime he would go out and speak publicly , the Gaze reflected a moment in the history of the country , and in the role of the First Lady . Nancy Reagan was a good role model due to the fact that in many ways, Nancy Reagan was at the heart of the anti-feminist backlash back in the 80’s. She ran a “ Just Say No” Campaign too which was a campaign against drugs.