Timeline of Agriculture, Writing and Technology


9000 BCE: Einkorn wheat grown in North Syria — first evidence of agriculture

Approx. 9000 BCE

7000 BCE: Farming communities first appeared in the Yangzi Valley, China

7000 BCE

6500 BCE: Copper smelting in Qatal Hüyük, Turkey

6500 BCE

5000 BCE: Corn crops grown in the Americas; wheat and barley in Egypt

5000 BCE

3500 BCE: Cotton grown as a crop in Peru

3500 BCE

3200 BCE: Hieroglyphic writing systems appear in Egypt, wheeled vehicles in Mesopotamia, plough used in China

3200 BCE

3000 BCE: Potters' wheel invented in China

3000 BCE

2500 BCE: Beginning of bronze age in Europe

2500 BCE

1200 BCE: Maize being grown in North America

1200 BCE