The Second World War - A Timeline


Nazi-Soviet Pact Signed

August 23, 1939

A non-aggression pact signed between Nazis and Soviets

Nazis Invade Poland

September 1, 1939

Soviets Invade Poland

September 17, 1939

Soviets kicked out of League of Nations

December 14, 1939

Britain starts rationing

January 8, 1940

Churchill becomes president

May 10, 1940

Last day of Dunkirk Evacuation

June 3, 1940

Dunkirk was an evacuation performed by Franco-British troops from the coast of Dunkirk, France to Britain.

First German Air Raids on London

August 23, 1940

Blitz on Britain begins

September 7, 1940

Lend-Lease Act

March 11, 1941

An act signed by President Roosevelt allowing the sale of guns to allowed countries by the US.

First use of Gas Chambers in Auschwitz

September 3, 1941

Hitler declares war on the US

December 11, 1941

Stalin and Churchill meet in Moscow

August 12, 1942

Battle of Stalingrad begins

September 13, 1942

Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Tehran

November 28, 1943

D-Day soldiers land on France coast

June 6, 1944

Hitler assassination fails

July 20, 1944

German soldiers attempt to assassinate Hitler

Last use of gas chambers at Auschwitz

October 30, 1944

Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz concentration camp

January 27, 1945

Roosevelt dies/Truman becomes president

April 12, 1945

Hitler commits suicide

April 30, 1945