Bank Meeting

march 22, 2012

Meeting at bank concerning Will and CW offered BJ to be joint on her acct.
This discussion shows BJ had the appearance of being fully committed to relationship.
Was this rouse?

Fight with daughter on phone

Mar 28, 2012

BJ’s slut of a daughter cursed CW out. The phone was forced on CW by BJ.

Was this pre-planned? Was this the first attempt to bully CW? His daughter stole money from BJ's deposit box. That lied to all at wedding. That was caught by BJ having sex in his home? Perhaps she knew of her mother’s affair with the church director.


April 23 2012

see Marriage counselor Dr. Voss recommended by Minister concerning
previous problem of lotto tickets.

Separation News

April 30 2012

Marriage Council met separate BJ 3:00, CW 4:00 finds out BJ doesn’t want
the marriage form Dr. Voss. Paid attorney that morning. CW had foot surgery and
didn’t need to meet with Dr. Voss but could have been contacted by BJ attorney he
paid that morning. Just another great example of BJ’s blatant disregard of CW’s well
being. Moreover, when BJ had colon resection CW was with him night and day. When
CW has foot, surgery BJ sends her out the same day on wild goose chase because he is
manipulative cold-hearted calculating control freak and bully masochist. Normal people
wouldn’t put a stranger throw this type of physical pain much less their spouse.

Attorney Letters

May 28 2012

Received additional threats from attorney


June 1 2012

Clean - me noticed after foor surgery

Weird behavior

June 5 2012

BJ sleeping nude with CW


June 24 2012



June 24 2012



Colon Resection

April 22, 2011 - April 26, 2011

CW stayed around clock

Recooperated ADA

May, 2011

CW performed ADA

Hilton Head trip

June 26, 2011

Joined by family of CW


October 15, 2011

CW and BJ host wedding reception for daughter of BJ

Biltmore trip

Oct 17, 2011 - Oct 19, 2011

Accompanied by family

Biltmore trip

Nov 23, 2011 - Nov 27, 2011

To meet sister and husband

Mansion Pictures

Dec, 2011

Sent out pictures of NC mansion

Added to account

Dec 21, 2011

But asked next day to not use

Family Christmas

Dec 24 2011

Christmas with CW family at home

Family Christmas

Dec 26, 2011

Christmas with BJ family at home. CW did all cooking.

Seth Conversation

Dec 26, 2011

BJ talks with Seth about buying 50% in his business

Obama argument

Dec 31 2011

Argument about Michelle Obama. BJ called son of CW who came over.

Angie & Bill

Jan 2 2012

Annual New Year's brunch at which BJ meets CW friends


Jan 21 2012

Hosted bridge at home. BJ helped ready the house.

Dinner with friends

Feb 12 2012

Dinner with friends at Neo China


Feb 15 2012

Played bridge

KY Trip

Mar 31 2012 - Apr 3 2012

traveled to KY planned trip. How long were you supposed to stay? How long pre-planned. Trip cut short by BJ illness.


May 8 2012

Played couples bridge. Received letter from attorney about separation.


Planned home improvements

Feb 2012

Found contractors

March, 2012

CW found contractors for crown and trim

Improvements begin

March 2012

CW responsible for finding and negotiating decor for the improvements

Basement painting

March 2012


March 2012

Front steps, painting cabinets


Mar 30 2012