Birmingham church bombing


A dynamite bomb explodes at sixtenth street baptist church in birmingham


october 12 1965 Birmingham fbi agents recommend that at least four suspects be charged with bombing

Approx. 1965

A dynamite explodes at the sixteenth street Baptist church in Birmingham

september 26 ,1968 federal authorities pull out of the investigation without charges being filled


november 18, 1977 robert chambliss 73,a retired auto mechanic was charged with murder


november 1980 jefferson countys district attorney reopens the case after us justise apartment found evidence


october 29, 1988 federal state prosecutores reopens their investigation into church bombing after gary tucker former bus driver says helped


jully 10 ,1977 the fbi reopens its investigation into bombing after secert long review


may 1, 2001 blanton was found guilty

may 1 2001

may 4, 2000 bobby frank cherry denied a deal to plead gulity

may 4, 2017