Timeline 1


New Years Day

January 1, 1900

First day of 20th Century.

London Symphony Orchestra is established

Approx. September 13, 1904

Major Change in classical music

Approx. May 12, 1908

"A major change in classical-music style comes about with the release of Arnold Schoenberg's Book of Hanging Gardens. The harmony and tonality characteristic of classical music are replaced by dissonance, creating what many listeners consider to be noise." (THIS IS COPIED EXACTLY FROM WEBSITE, REPHRASE.

First Calypso Genre Recording

Approx. February 15, 1912

First U.S. Radio Station Broadcast

Approx. June 14, 1922

Bessie Smith records "Down Hearted Blues"

Approx. March 13, 1923

Bessie Smith's first recording is an immediate success. This is the first in a career that will eventually earn her the name "Queen of Blues"

RCA creates first LP record for sale

Approx. 1931

Duke Ellington writes “It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing”

September 15, 1932

First song of the Swing Era

First Electric Guitar Produced

Approx. April 7, 1936

Glenn Miller debut's in New York

Approx. February 9, 1937

RCA creates first gold plated record

Approx. June 11, 1942

Glenn Miller's Chattanooga Choo Choo sells one million copies, becomes first gold-plated record.

White Christmas by Bing Crosby

October 31, 1942 - January 15 1943

"Bing Crosby releases "White Christmas," from the film Holiday Inn. The song goes on to be the all-time, top-selling song from a film." THIS IS COPY AND PASTED EXACTLY FROM A WEBSITE!

33 1/3 RPM records introduced

Approx. April 6, 1948

Columbia records produces first record of 30 minutes play time. Nicknamed "Long Play", or LP for short.

45 RPM records produced

Approx. August 9, 1949