Roman Empire


Etruscans build tomes of Cerveten

600 B.C

The forum is built

600 B.C

Servius Tullius builds city walls

550 B.C

Rome becomes a Republic

509 B.C

Romulus was overthrown by Odoacer

476 B.C

Hannibal invades Italy

218 BC

Scipi sails for Carthage

204 B.C

Spartacus leads a slave uprising

73 B.C

Julius Caesar becomes the first dictator of Rome

45 B.C

Julius Caesar is murdered

44 BCE

Octavius appoints himself Agustus

27 B.C

Paul spreads Christianity through Rome

40 A.D

Nero set fire to Rome

64 A.D

Nero targeted Christians and killed Christians

64 A.D

A plague spread the Rome (Has no effect to decline)

164 A.D

Septimius Severus expands the Southern Frontier

202 A.D

Western Rome split from Rome

285 A.D

Constantine accepts Christianity

313 A.D

Christianity becomes the empire's main religion

323 A.D

Theodosius died and the Roman empire split

395 A.D

Germanic tribes migrated to expand their hold

395 A.D

Western Roman empire declined

476 A.D

Construction of the Hagia Sophia was finished

537 A.D