revolutionary war


the liberty bell was hung in the pennsylvania state house


this action showed that the colonists had independance

british officer wrote that the patriots that were killed on long island had no shoes, socks, or jackets, thinking that they would suffer during the winter


Abigail Adams was one of the women fighting for women’s rights


colonies declared independence from britain

July 1776

this is important because the colonies needed independance from britain

Battle at Long Island- continental army lost at the hands of the british forces

August 27, 1776

George Washington and 2400 troops crossed a river and surprised the enemy at trenton

December 25, 1776

General Burgoyne surrenders

October 17th 1777

Rhode island made an all african-american “army”


French and american work out a trade agreement and an alliance

February 1778

Casimir Pulaski, a calvary officer, died


Spain declared war on britain


the army captured British forts at mobile, and Pensacola as well

1780 - 1781