Key dates in medieval europe


Battle Of Hastings

Approx. 1066 - Approx. January 21, 1066

This is the battle where william the conqueror sucessfully won the war.

Tower Of London Was Built

1073 - 1078

This was the famous tower of London, it took over 5 years to build!

The First Crusade. Jerusalem is retaken from the Muslims

1099 - February 18, 1099

This was the first out of the 9 crusades

The Second Crusade

1147 - 1149

This was the second out of 9 crusades

The Third Crusade

1187 - 1192

This was the third, out of 9 crusades

Magna Carta signed in an attempt to restore English freedoms to its people, is signed

1215 - January 1, 1215

This is the peace treaty signed in 1215

The Great Famine

1315 - 1317

This was the famine that starved many people to death

The Black Death

1348 - 1350

Killed 40% of europe in first year

The Gutenburg Press is invented

1455 - January 1, 1455

Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg was a German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe.