Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Flying Shuttle


The flying Shuttle was a famous machine that had a huge impact in the wool industries. It helped speed up the process of weaving. When John Kay created this machine, they did not need many employers.

Spinning Jenny


James Hargreaves invented a machine with eight spindles. So it became easier to spin more thread at once. The idea was said to come from his daughter knocking over their family’s sewing machine, and the spindle kept working.

Water Powered Loom


Edmund Cartwright created the power loom that helped combine threads to make a cloth. Throughout the years he continued to improve his machine to a stem machine and a machine to make ropes. His creation later needed improvement, so other people helped improve it.

Cotton Gin


Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin to speed up the process of removing seeds from the cotton. Despite its success, he did not make lots of money from it. His machine also offered the opportunity to expand slavery.



When William Austin Burt built the typographer, it was not as successful as he thought it would be. It was to advance for their time. Despite not having success it was still praised, by many people. He started this creation that was later going to be improved and laid a foundation for its development.

Sewing Machine


Barthelemy Thimonnier was considered the first to make and actual sewing machine, but he did not work alone, he had a partnership with Agutuse Ferrand. It was made of wood with metal pieces that helped it work. Soon they built a factory that was later ruined. Later on his partner left and he improved his machine to a much better one.



Samuel Colt, built the well-known revolving-cylinder pistol. In the beginning he didn’t win much from it, but he later had his own private factory that built up to 150 guns per day. He died a wealthy man, and till this day his company is still open.

Sleeping Car


The sleeping car was a luxurious coach that was used overnight. He was not the first to have created the sleeping car. He created a more designer one that caused it to be more famous than others. The sleeping car looked like a normal passenger car in the day, and by night it was transformed into a two story hotel. It became famous overnight after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, since his funeral took place there.

Light Bulb


Before the light the light bulb was created Thomas Edison worked a lot with metal filaments, to improve the light bulb he already had. He was not the first to create the light bulb, many things led up to the invention of the light bulb. After the light bulb was created he kept improving it to make it last longer.



The zipper was first designed for shoe, L.L. Judson liked to improve his ideas and find ways to put it into something else. The design was popular, but it was first called the “Hookless No.2.” it was later renamed to zipper because of the noise it made by B.F. Goodrich.