Mary Edwards Walker



November 26, 1832

Mary Edwards Walker was born on Oswego New york

Medical Degree


Walker earned her Doctor of Medicine Degree in 1855 from Syracuse Medical College



Walker divorced from her husband Albert Miller



Walker published her book "Hit"

Unmasked, or the Science of Immortality


Walker published her book "Unmasked; or the Science of Immorality"

Dime Museum

1887 - 1893

Walker toured with Kohl and Middleton and did a serious of dime museums. Walker earned $150 a week for her appearances in the show.

Date of Death

February 21, 1919

Walker died on February 21, 1919

Civil War Events

Field Work


In 1862 Walker began working in the field and a year later was made assistant surgeon in the army of Cumberland by general George H Thomas

Captured by Confederate Soliders

April 1864 - October 1864

Walker was captured and imprisoned by confederate soldiers in Richmond, Virginia

Acting Assistant Surgeon

October 1864

Walker was given a contract as an acting assistant surgeon and assigned to work in a women's prison and later an orphanage.

Medal of Honor

June 1865

Walker left government service and was awarded the Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Revoked


The 1917 Medal of Honor Board changed the previous Medal of Honor rules to include only those who participated in "actual combat", thus revoking Walker's award and hundreds more. Walker continued to wear her Medal regardless, and it was eventually restored in 1977

Dress Reform/Women's Rights Events

Dress Reform Convention

January 1857

Walker joined Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck and others in a dress reform convention

Europe Tour


Walker toured Scotland and England to speak about dress reform

Elected President of the National Dress Reform Association


Walker was elected the president of the National Dress Reform Association


June 14 1866

Walker was arrested for impersonating a man while shopping in New York City.

Suffrage Convention


Attended the Cincinnati suffrage convention, also attended by Lucy Stone and Susan B Anthony



Walker declared herself a candidate for Congress in her hometown Oswego. She made it all the way to the Democratic National Convention for a US Senate seat.