Background of Bay of Pigs


Castro's birth

August 13, 1926

Castro gained a law degree


Fidel jailed after a failed uprising against Batista


Castro returned to Cuba after being exiled in 1953


Fidel Castro overthrows Batista

January 1, 1959

Castro builds an alliance with USSR


Castro asks for help from Krushchev for arms to defend against America and in return Russia is able to turn Cuba into a missile base.

USA decides to support Cuban exiles

January 1, 1960 - December 31, 1960

America refuses to buy cuban sugar

Approx. July 1, 1960

America ends all trades with Cuba

Approx. October 1, 1960

J F Kennedy inherits Eisenhower plan

Approx. January 20, 1961

America attacks airfields

April 15, 1961

Cuban invasion took place

April 17, 1961

Cuban exiles taken captive

April 19,1961

200 killed and over 1200 taken captive

Castro declares Cuba a communist state

December, 1961