Exam 1


Long Rebellion pt1

1516 - 1697

Druze and their leaders were in a continuous state of rebellion against the Ottomans

Ottoman Rule

1516 - 1918

Marj Dabiq Battle

August 24, 1516

The Ottoman army defeated the Mamluks at the battle of Marj Dabiq

Attack of Druze District


Ottoman governor of Damascus, Hurrem Pasha, attacked the Druze district of the Shuf, killed many Druze and carries off their holy books to Damascus to later be analyzed

Ottoman Conquest of Cyprus


This made harder for the Venetians to supply the Druze with firearms since Cyprus was their base

Long Rebellion pt2

1609 - 1687

When FAD II formed an alliance with Duke Ferdinand and Pope Pius

FAD II Exile in Florence

1613 - 1618

FAD II returns to Saida


Reconquest of Cyprus


FAD II proposed a plan for the reconquest of Cyprus and the Holy Land but he was defeated by the Ottoman forces

FAD II Execution


Greek Revolution


When the Greeks rose up against the Ottoman sultan, Mahmud II, he ordered Muhammad Ali to send an army to defeat them

State of Egypt


Muhammad Ali, officially the vassal of the Ottoman sultan, had set up Egypt as an independent state

Invasion of Syria


When Ibrahim Pasha invaded Syria

Egyptian Rule

1831 - 1840

Druze Revolt


When the Druze revolted against the Egyptian rule. To counter it, Ibrahim distributed arms to the Christians. The Druze were defeated and forced to withdraw

Egyptian Defeat


The Egyptians were defeated by a combination of Ottoman and British forces and a new era began

Rebellion vs. Egyptians

June 1840

Representatives of Druze, Maronites, Sunnis, Shia met in Antelias and launched a rebellion against Bashir and the Egyptians

Bombarding in Beirut

October 1840

Beirut was bombarded by Ottoman warships and Ottoman, British, and Austrian troops landed in Jounieh ending Egyptian rule

State of Lebanon


French General Henri Gouraud proclaimed the state of Greater Lebanon