European Integration 1980-2000's


Greece enters EU


British budget debate (Fontainebleau)


committment of the member states to complete the etenrnal market

New commission J. Dollars President


white paper on completion of the eternal market --> single European act (SEA) his big idea
works: pressure of industrialist (European round table of industrialist ERTI)

Hanover meeting of heads of gov

June 1988

created "Delors Report" proposing a three-stage progress to monetary union leading to a single currency by 1999.


June 1988

"Delors Report" --> led to convene an intergovernmental conference to propose to exchange treaties to allow movement to a monetary union

Collapse of USSR


prospect of Germany leading to east --> to avoid (made by more and Germany) development of new IGC on political Union


December 1991

Maastricht Treaty--> creation of EU proposals by both IGC incorporated into Treaty

signing of TEU

February 1992

entered into force November 1993

Danish referendum rejects treaty

June 1992

With monetary union losing support --> esp in Germany (DM..)

2. Referendum in Denmark..> treaty was accepted

May 1993

Denmark got similar opt-out rights on monetary union --> only then they accepted

Enlargement was seen critically by FR/Sp/It and proposed by Ge/UK/Scandinavia


time frame ish

Sweden, Finland, Austria became members of the EU

1 January 1995

Amsterdam European Council --> Treaty of Amsterdam was agreed

June 1997

apparent that in 1999 single currency can start

November 1997

Treaty of Amsterdam


EURO official currency

January 1999


Cold war