World War 1


Political- World War 1

Approx. July 28, 1914

Why did the United States try to avoid International Involvement?


July 28, 1914

The United States tried to avoid international Involvement because most of the Americans voted for the United States to stay out of war.

Economic- World War 1

Approx. october 2, 1916

why were women and African Americans hired?

Answers to Economic

october 8, 1917

Women and African Americans were hired because most of the labor Unions were on strike and women and African Americans were paid less.

Social Questions

November 3, 1918

Why did African Americans move to the North?

Answers to Social question

November 10, 1918

African Americans moved to the North to get away from discrimination and when they moved to the north, they worked at industrial jobs that paid well.