Ch. 18/19 timeline


Shāh Esmaā ' ī


Süleyman I

1520 - 1566

Elizabeth Tudor

1558 - 1603

Turned England into a Protestant leader and helped England become a world empire. She used strategy to keep other nations from becoming to powerful.

Calvinism and Catholicism

1560 - 1609

During this time, the Calvinists and the Catholics were fighting to gain supporters and eliminate the other religion.

French Wars of Religion

1562 - 1598

Huguenots and Catholics were fighting during this time, until Henry VI came to power, and issued the Edict of Nantes in 1598, ending the wars

Ottoman turks


Ottoman Turks lost a big fleet of ships to the Spanish, and never got back to the power it once was.



Akbar had almost all of India under his control with the use of heavy artillery.

Thirty years war

1618 - 1648

This war was mostly over religious disputes, but political and territorial motives were also evident. This war had to do with Calvinists fighting Catholics, and finally ended with the Peace of Westphalia

Economic and Social Crises

1620 - 1650

Population decreased during this time, and many centers of finance began to decline economically, due to the wars, plague, and famine. This created social tensions, which led to the witchcraft trials

English Revolution

1642 - 1651

This was a war between the king and Parliament because the king believed that he was ruler because of God and that he was subject only to God, while Parliament believed that they ruled England with the king.


1658 - 1707

British trading forts in India


Glorious Revolution


William and Mary overthrew the English ruler, and made changes for the better in England, which supported the fighting religions.

Ottoman Empire decrease


Clive Victory


Victory over mongol army, which gave the East India Company trade rights.