April 1, 1880-Southern University and a&m college founded- Baton Rouge

April 1, 1880

March 7, 1881- Southern opened its doors with 12 students.(SU Shreveport)

March 7, 1881

In 1890 the legislature designated Southern as a land grant college for blacks, in order to continue to satisfy federal requirements under the land grant program to support higher education (BR SU)


November 1, 1901- Grambling State University founded

November 1, 1901

1914- The university moved to Scotlandville, along Scott's Bluff facing the Mississippi River and north of Baton Rouge (SU BR)


1921- The Louisiana Constitutional Convention authorized the reorganization and expansion of Southern University (SU BR)


September 1922- The Southern University Laboratory School System began operating(SU Shreveport)

September 1922

1925- Xavier University of Louisiana became a reality when the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was established


1927- The College of Pharmacy was opened (Xavier University)


1928- The first degrees were awarded ( Xavier University)


1929-Recognizing the university's need for a separate identity and room to expand, St. Katharine bought a tract of undeveloped land for a campus on the corner of Palmetto and Pine Streets (Xavier Uni)


1933- Construction of the U-shaped, gothic administration building (now a city landmark) was completed ( Xavier University)


1943- The university was visited by the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt(SU Shreveport)


1946- The school became Grambling College named after a white sawmill owner, Judson H. Grambling, who donated a parcel of land for the school to be constructed


1949- Grambling State University accredited


September 4, 1956- Southern University in New Orleans founded

September 4, 1956

of the Louisiana Legislature

September 4, 1956

Southern University at New Orleans was founded as a branch unit of Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College (Southern University) in Baton Rouge by Act 28 of the Extraordinary Session

September 4, 1956

1959- Dr. Felton G. Clark, president of Southern, asked Dr. Emmett W. Bashful to open SUNO. Dr. Bashful began as dean of the University (SU N.O)


SUNO opened its doors on a 17-acre site located in historic Pontchartrain Park, a subdivision of primarily African American single-family residences in eastern New Orleans. (SU N.O)

September 21, 1959

September 19, 1967- Southern University in Shreveport

September 19, 1967