Ancient and Classical Civilizations


Harappan India is created

2700 BCE

It is known as Harappan India because one of the main cities was Harappa.

World's Largest Pyramid is Built

2550 BCE

Pharaoh Khufu ordered the pyramid to be built.

Xia Dynasty

2070 BCE

It was the first dynasty in China but there are no written documents so it may have not existed.

Akhenaton attempts to convert to monotheism

1539 BCE

Egypt was polytheistic but Akhenaton tried to get everyone to convert to monotheism and worship Aten.

Vedic Civilization is formed

1500 BCE

It is named after the Vedas, a series of Hindu religious documents.

Zhou Dynasty

1045 BCE

The Zhou Dynasty is known as the 'Warring States' period because many warlords were fighting for power.

Confucius is born

551 BCE

He created Confucianism, an orderly way of ruling based on respect.

Cyrus conquered the area around the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers

550 BCE

He conquered this land in an attempt to spread his religion, Zoroastrianism.

Cyrus conquered Lydia

546 BCE

The Lydians were the first to use coin trade and after Cyrus conquered Lydia, the Persians adopted that system of trade.

Darius divided the Persian Empire

520 BCE

He divided it into 120 satrapies.

Denizens of Rome established a republic

509 BCE

The citizens of Rome were now able to vote on issues.

Athens becomes a democracy

505 BCE

Athens becomes a limited democracy which means citizens can vote.

Greek city-states are created

500 BCE

Greece developed separately due to its geography.

Peloponnesian War begins

461 BCE

This was a war for power between Athens and Sparta.

Mauryan Empire

321 BCE

It was created by Chandragupta Maurya the empire grew by conquering civilizations after Alexander's death.

Asoka reigned the Mauryan Empire

270 BCE

He converted to Buddhism then spread it throughout most of Asia while he ruled.

Rosetta Stone is carved

196 BCE

The Rosetta Stone is used to translate hieroglyphics.

Julius Caesar is named a dictator

48 BCE

His army fought for power and when he prevailed, the Senate named him dictator.

Julius Caesar is assassinated

44 BCE

He was a dictator and was assassinated by enemies who feared he was trying to make a monarch.

Fall of the Roman Empire

476 CE

It fell due to raise of taxes and foreign invaders.