Nigeria's History


Nok Civilization establishes itself on the Jos Plateu

Approx. 800 BC

Once settled, the creation of city states and power centers began.

Portuguese navigators reach Nigerian coast


Spanish and Portuguese explorers begin trade with modern-day Nigeria

Approx. 1600

Nigeria becomes involved in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Approx. 1610 - 1807

Although Nigeria had just become involved in slave trade with colonial America around 1610, slave trade was being conducted throughout much of the 16th century.

Islamic Sokoto Caliphate founded Northern Nigeria

1809 - Approx. 1850

By establishing boundaries and separation, civil wars broke out and continued for the next 40 years.

British establish presence in Nigeria

Approx. 1850

British help to put an end to Nigerian civil wars.

Kamerun is added to Nigeria


Under the League of Nations mandate, Germany gave up the colony Kamerun to British-controlled Nigeria.

Nigeria gains Independence


Nigeria gains its independence from Britain and becomes a republic.

Changes in Power

1966 - 2013

Due to racial tensions, differences of opinion, and unfavorable leaders, Nigeria endured much war for more than three decades because of new people trying to take the role as the nation's president.