Economy change




The tobacco seed being imported to America caused a solid trade between Jamestown and West India. It also led to trading within the colony itself. I think this even had a major impact on our economy because it opened our society up to a dangerous plant.

Currency Act

JAN 1, 1751

The currency act of 1751 regulated the currency in the colonies of the USA. This was to help protect merchants from Great Britian in the United States. This helped set in motion more economic growth in the Americas by creating a regulated currency and eventually helped boost the American economy leading to the revolutionary war. I think this was a major event that changed our economy because it led to a war and attempted to solve possible inflation and control over the colonies.

War of 1812

JUN 8, 1812

This boosted the manufacturing ability of the united states. Began because the US got caught up in economic warfare between France and Britain. I think this is a major event that affected the economy because if it boosted manufacturing then it allowed the US more money faster than usual.

Wall street crash


Know as Black Thursday, became the most devastating stock market crash in U.S. History. The crash signals the beginning of the twelve year Great Depression that affects all Western industrialized countries. I think this is a major economy event because their were huge imbalances and structural failings not including many others.

Great depression ends


Huge government spending for World War II causes an economic boom that finally ends the Great Depression. Also expanded production brings that nation close to full employment. I think this was a major economy event because their was employment that fell when funding was taken which affected our economy.