Civil War TimeLine


Missouri Compromise


After Clay proposes the compromise, Jefferson says that this is the most nervous that he was ever been for our country.

Compromise of 1850


An attempt to fix a huge problem by doing something small. Neither side liked this compromise and some began to realize that this problem was bigger than they thought.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


First use of popular sovereignty. Kansas gets to decide by voting to become a slave state.

Dred Scott


The Supreme Court told the world that they cannot ban slavery anywhere because that it a violation of the 5th amendment. This also says that the Missouri Compromise is unconstitutional.

Harper's Ferry


John Brown is arrested and hung publically after storming an arsenal trying to give guns to slaves. This is the boiling point, and the country is only two years away from the beginning of the civil war.

Lincoln is Elected


-The true divide of the country is shown here. After Lincoln is elected as president, six costal states secede to form the CSA, elect Davis as president, and write their own constitution.

Fort Sumter


When Lincoln sends a supply ship even though Davis tells him not to, Davis and his men then open fire on the ship and fort, and these are the first shots fired of the civil war.

Seven Days Battle

June 1862

South wins and Lee takes over, he enlists the help of Jeb Stuart, a cavalry officer, to scout. He decides that they need to crush the North emotionally and bring this battle to the North.


September 1862

South tries to invade the North but loses. If North had pursued the south, the war could have ended right here.

Emancipation Proclamation

January 1863

Freed states in rebelling areas, but it was mainly symbolic because the south didn’t listen. It also helped to not aggravate the border states and stopped other countries from helping.


May 1863

A major game changer- Grant is now in charge of the Union army. He creates a two part plan involving William T Sherman and finding Lee and beating him.


July 1863

A major turning point in the Civil war for the Union. Confederate numbers are dwindling.

Lincoln is Re-elected


Lincoln looks smart again after Sherman’s March to the Sea. He also picks Andrew Johnson as Vice President to ensure support from the border states.

Appomattox Court House


A civil ending to a brutal war. Although Grant and the Union won the war, he fed the hungry confederate soldiers and let them go home.