Ancient Civilizations Timeline


The The Fertile Crescent was settled

4,000 BC

Sumerian city-states form.

3,500 BC

Egypt’s first pharaoh unites Upper and Lower Egypt.

3,100 BC

Phoenician civilization begins.

2,750 BC

Indus valley civilization develops.

2600 Bc

The Great Pyramid of Giza is built.

2,450 BC

Akkadian empire begins.

2,334 BC

The Shang kingdom is founded.

1,800 BC

Indus valley civilization breaks down.

1700 bc

God speaks to Abraham, according to the Bible.

1,700 BC

Aryans began to compose Vedas.

1,600 BC

Hatshepsut becomes pharaoh.

1,475 BC

The Shang begin writing orcale bones.

1400 bc

The Zhou dynasty begins.

1050 bc

The kingdom of Israel is founded and the first temple is built.

1,000 BC

Assyrian empire begins.

934 BC

Israel spits into the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

900 BC

A Nubian pharaoh conquered Egypt.

730 BC

Assyrians conquer Israel.

720 BC

Babylonians conquer Judah, exile its people, and destroy the first Temple.

586 BC

Persian empire begins

539 BC

Jews return to Judah and build the second temple.

538 BC

The first coins are used in china.

500 bc

Hinduism develops.

500 bc

The Warring states period begins.

475 bc

The Warring states period begins.

475 bc

Buddha gained enlightenment.

400 bc

Mencius is born

371 BC

The Zhou dynasty ends.

256 BC

Romans destroy the second temple; many Jews flee the region.

70 AD