Ulises Camarillo


President walks home


After the fireworks were gone the celebrations finishes for the first ever president the president goes home happy celebrated and exhausted, but also happiness

Ringing bells


Military arrives at Franklin to conduct the president-elect, It includes Grand Marshall, Colonel Morgan, and military contingent of 500 men. Washington traveled with his two aides.

Military Salute at Fort George


A military salute is fired by artillery at nearby Fort George.

George Washington Suit


Wears a brown coat. Constructed of brown broadcloth shrunk and napped in imitation of velvet.

Escorted the Federal Hall


Hundreds of citizens waiting for the ceremony hall with American officials and New York state notable and diplomats from France and Spain.

Arriving at the Senate Chamber


The military unit is drawn up on two sides. And George Washington proceeds to the Senate Chamber

who was there


Hundredths of U.S citizens were there, Congress, American officials, and New York State notables

Dinner alone with the Presidential Mansion


After the church he was escorted in a carriage at Franklin house were he dinned alone

Fireworks and Illuminations

April 30, 1789 - 1789

At night in New York City the sky shinned with Fireworks greeting and applauding the first president