Washington Inauguration


Taking of Oath

April 30,1789

Washington takes the oath of office 2:00 Pm

Military Salute at Fort George

APRIL 30, 1789

MIllitary salutes Washington at Sunrise

President goes home

April 30, 1789

Church bell rings

April 30, 1789

Church bell rings for almost half an hour starting at 9:Am

Senate chamber

April 30, 1789

Washington proceeds to the Senate chamber where the two houses of Congress awaited their new head of state and is formally welcomed by John Adams, his vice president. 1:00 Pm

First Inaugural Address

April 30, 1789

Federal Hall

April 30, 1789

A military escort arrives at Franklin House to conduct the president-elect to Federal Hall. This event started at 12:30 Pm

Fireworks and Illuminations

April 30, 1789