Dominik's history timeline


Washington's suit

April 16, 1789

Had worn a brown suit with buttons

Military salute

April 16, 1789

Artillery is fired at fort George as a Military salute.

Escorted to hall

April 16, 1789 12:30 AM

Military escort to franklin house,

First Inagural adress PM

April 16, 1789 2:00

The first inagural adress contained elements that remained consistant through the writings as president.

Divine service at st. Pauls

April 16, 1789 3:00

In mid aternoon the inagural party preoceeds to st. Pauls chapen in new york


April 16, 1789 8:00

The skies of new york were filled with fireworks.


April 16, 1789 9:00 AM

Church bells ring for half an hour through new york.

Who was there

April 16, 1789 9:00 Am

Diplomats from france and spain,.

Arriving at the senate chamber

April 16, 1789 1:00 PM

The Procesion arrives at the Federal Hall thirdy minutes later. Militarunitsa provide an avenue for the president elect. Welcomed by John Adams and the two houses of congress in the senate chamber

Taking the oath

April 16 1789 2:00 PM

Adams informed the president elect that both houses were ready to attend taking oath to office. Robert Livingston gave the oath. washington took the oath with his hand on the bible.

Dinner Alone in the presidential mansion

April 16 1789 5:00 PM

After the church service President Washington was escorted to the presidential residence and dined alone.

New President Goes Home

April 16, 1789 10:00 PM

The president leaves to his new residence, escorts and the president had to walk home becuase there were so many people.