Significant Canadian Black History Events


Underground Railroad

1815 - 1860

During this time period the underground railroad was made. The underground railroad was the biggest anti-slavery independant act in British North America. Canada helped to get around 30 to 40,000 fugitives from North America. Canadians character for Black Americans safety advanced after the war of 1812. This event is known to be a private group of people who wanted slavery to stop, so they helped African Americans breakout from slavery and come to Canada.

Imperial Movement

1833 - 2017

In the year (1833) there was end to slavery throughout the British communities through an imperial movement that developed into being very active on August 1st 1834. To this day a lot of Canadians honor the 1st of August as the day of liberation.

Africville Act

1850 - 1960

This act was called the Africville act. The Africville act was an African Canadian situated just northward of Halifax. The mayor never provided Africville with basic needs such as water, and public transportation. Africville was a poor black area, where black Canadians lived. In the late 1960’s Africville was destroyed and wrecked. The mayor trashed it down because Africville was starting to do downhill. The citizens did not have running and clean water, no streetlights, no public transportation, and no well built roads. Rather than the mayor trying to help improve Africville, he destroyed it. In 2010 the mayor apologized to people who lived in Africville for destroying their home on behalf of all of the residents who lived in the city of Halifax.

Anti-Slavery Society Of Canada Act

1851 - 1860

In this time period the arrangement of the Anti-slavery society of Canada act was generated. This movement was made to stop slavery all around the world. Between the years of 1850 and 1860 more people joined this act to help extinct slavery forever.

Ontario Act

1944 - 2017

Ontario was the very first province out of the whole world to acknowledge and answer to the attack that was opposed to brutality when it moved onward from the racial discrimination act of 1944. This act declared that there was a historical constitution that prevented the announcement and demonstration of any indication, sign, or attention that indicated racial, or spiritual intolerance.

Negro Womens Association

1951 - 1976

Negro women’s association was organized from 1951-1976. This group was founded by a small group of black women in Toronto. This group was formed so black women could celebrate the importance of the history of the black community in Toronto. These women all fought for what they believed in, which was that all black canadians should be recognized.

Ontario Government Movement

1954 - 2017

In this year on the 6th of April the Ontario government stated that no person or group can ban the compromise, maintenance, or facilities regularly open to members of the community. This act also ceased all from posting prejudicial signals.

Africville Apology Movement

2010 - 2017

The africville apology took place in 2010. This apology was from the mayor talking on favor of the city of Halifax. The mayor removed and wrecked Africville in the late 1960’s because this place was failing because of no access to basic needs such as public transportation and fresh food and water. In 2010 this act happened which was the main administrator apologizing for taking away the black canadian homes.