Timing the timeline




The BNA colonies of Ontario,Quebec,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick formed together and created the Dominion of Canada.

Election of 1867

August 7th 1867

The first ever Canadian election occurs with John A.Macdonald defeating his two opponents George Brown (unofficial leader of the liberals) and Joseph Howe.

Conservatives:100 seats
Liberals: 62 seats
Joseph Howe's party: 18 seats

Ruperts land purchased


Canada purchases Ruperts Land from the Hudsons Bay Company.

The immigrantion act of 1869


A very controversial act in Canadian History. This act kept people with deadly diseases out of the Dominion. However people with diseases were sent into quarantine until they recovered or died.

The Manitoba Act


The Manitoba act is passed by the Canadian parliament incorporating Metis Land and bringing Manitoba into Canada.

B.C joins

July 20th 1871

B.C joins the Dominion of Canada. This is a huge expansion for the Dominion of Canada.

Treaties 1 and 2

August 1871

The Canadian government signs treaties 1 and 2, which gives them permission from the native tribes of southern Manitoba to settle some of their land.

The Dominion lands act


The Dominion lands act is instated to encourage settlement of the prairies.

Election of 1872

July 20 1872

Conservatives led by John A.Macdonald barely defeat the Liberals led by Edward Blake.

Conservatives: 100
Liberals: 95

PEI joins Canada

July 1st 1873

P.E.I enters confederation with the Dominion of Canada,making it the smallest province in the Dominion.

Election of 1874

January 22 1874

The 3rd Canadian Election unfolds with the liberals led by Alexander Mackenzie defeating the conservatives led by John A Macdonald.

Liberals: 129 seats
Conservatives: 65 seats

Worlds first Indoor hockey game

March 3, 1875

The worlds first indoor Hockey game takes place in Victoria Skating rink in Montreal, Quebec.

Election of 1878

September 17 1878

John A Macdonald and the conservatives take back control of parliament and defeat the Liberals led by Alexander Mackenzie

Conservatives: 134 seats
Liberals: 63 seats

Election of 1882

June 20 1882

The 5th Canadian election occurs with John A.Macdonald and the conservatives retaining power against the Liberals led by Edward Blake

Conservatives : 133
Liberals: 73

Riel returns


Louis Riel returns to lead the northwest rebellion.

The immigration act of 1885

July 20th 1885

The immigration act is passed making it much harder for Chinese immigrants to enter Canada.

Election of 1887

February 22 1887

Macdonald and the Conservatives once again retain the majority in parliament against the liberals led by Edward Blake

Conservatives: 123 seats
Liberals: 79 seats