Adolf Hitler


Nuremberg Laws

September 15, 1935

Jews are stripped of their civil rights

Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)

September 9, 1938

Many Jews are either killed or put into concentration camps

Germany invades Poland

September 1, 1939

Great Britain and France declare war on Germany

September 3, 1939

Germany conquers France

June 22, 1940

Tripartite Pact

September 27, 1940

Germany, Italy, and Japan form an alliance, the Axis

Axis powers unsuccessfully invade Russia

June 22, 1941


June 6, 1944

Allied powers (USA and Great Britain) invade Normandy, France; a turning point in the war

Hitler supposedly kills himself with his wife, Eva Braun

April 30, 1945

Germany surrenders

May 7, 1945

Nuremberg Trials

November 20, 1945 - October 1, 1946

Many Nazi leaders are punished for their crimes against humanity