"For Who The Bell Tolls" Timeline


Robert Jordan joins the war

Approx. January 1, 1937

Robert Jordan quits being a College Professor to fight with the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

Robert Jordan gets his Mission

Approx. January 2, 1937

Robert Jordan is instructed to blow up a bridge by General Golz

Robert Jordan meets Anselmo, Pablo, Rafael, Maria, and Pilar

January 3, 1937

Robert Jordans guide, Anselmo, takes him to meet Pablo. Robert doesn't like Pablo, but allows him to lead him to a cave where the others are staying.

Robert Jordan maps out the bridge

January 4, 1937

Robert maps out the bridge with Anselmo.

Robert and Pablo fight

January 5, 1937

Robert and Pablo get into a confrontation. Everyone else sides with Robert. Rafael tells Robert that he should have killed Pablo, but Robert doesn't think that what would be best.

Maria and Robert confess their love

January 6, 1937

Maria comes outside to tell Robert that she loves him and that she wants to be his woman after the war. Robert also confesses his love but says he won't promise a relationship.

Robert Jordan decides to see El Sordo

January 7, 1937

Robert Jordan is woken by Planes, so he decides to go ask El Sordo for help. Maria and Pilar accompany him.

Rober, Maria and Pilar meet El Sordo

January 8, 1937

Robert and Pilar get to know each other better. They meet El Sordo who agrees to help. Robert also reveals that he has to kill his friend Kashkin. Afterwards, Maria and Robert spend time together.

Robert retrieves Anselmo

January 9, 1937

Robert waits in the cave for Refael to return so he can find Anselmo, who is out in the storm. Fernando takes Robert out and they find him.

Robert and Pablo fight again

January 10, 1937

Robert returns to the cave and Pablo starts harassing him. Pablo claims that he is drunk but Robert doesn't believe him. Robert prepares to kill Pablo, but Pablo leaves before anything can happen. Most of the people in the cave want to kill Pablo, but Robert realizes that shooting around explosives is a bad idea.

Robert fights Fascists

January 11, 1937

Robert is woken by a fascist patrol on a horse. He shoots the patrolman. After making sure he isn't followed, Robert sets up a machine gun away from the cave.

Agustín and Robert discuss Maria

January 12, 1937

Agustín tells Robert that he also loves Maria. Robert tells him he plans to marry him and Agustín gives his blessings.

The Fascists attack El Sordo

January 13, 1937

Fighting begins at El Sordo's and Fascist planes bomb them. Robert decides not to help

Robert warns Golz

January 14, 1937

After tallying Fascist forces, Robert decides to warn General Golz that they are ready to attack the bridge. He sends Andrés to deliver the message.

The detonators are stolen

January 15, 1937

Robert is woken up by Pilar who tells him that Pablo stole the detonators for the bridge explosives.

Robert meets with the band

January 16, 1937

After resigning to likely failure, Robert figures out he can detonate the explosives with grenades instead.

The band bombs the bridge

January 17, 1937

Everybody sets off for the bridge site. Robert leaves Maria behind with the horses away from the bridge. Robert Jordan and Anselmo kill the sentries and rig the bridge. He waits for Pablo some time before blowing it up. Anselmo dies, upsetting him greatly. Robert and Agustín set up the machine gun and wait for Pablo. When Pablo arrives they meet the others at the horses.

Robert is injured

January 18, 1937

Robert breaks his leg while escaping, and since he can't ride a Horse, he has to be left behind. He has a hard time convincing Maria to leave him, but does in the end. Robert Jordan is left alone and reflects on his life. He debates committing suicide, but decides to stay alive to fight off the Fascists.