Gym Learning Summative


My dad gets all of the workout setup

December 13, 2016

On this day, the stuff my dad had ordered had got delivered. This includes big bench press set, a legs set, and lots of other things.

Topic Choosing

December 15, 2016

When I had realized that I had everything I had needed for this project and that I was interested in it, I figured why not pick this as my gym summative topic.

Start Working Out

December 17, 2016

At this point is when I become a novice. My dad and I went downstairs to the gym setup in order to start. He taught be a lot of basic things and fundamentals. We then did a brief workout.

Workout #1

December 22, 2016

On this day, my dad and I went downstairs and we worked out. We did tons of weightlifting exercises along with lots of legs stuff like squats and bicep curls.

Workout #2

December 23, 2016

On this day, my dad and I worked out once again but on a different area. This day is when I become proficient in this topic. That is because after already learning how to do a ton of exercises, he taught be a bunch of ab workouts that we did.

More Workouts and Learning Sessions

December 29, 2016 - January 20, 2017

After learning a lot, my dad and I continued to work out everyday that I was with him and when we had time. Along with that, while we worked out he taught be a bunch of new workouts on top of the ones I had already learned.

Becoming a Master

January 22, 2017

On this day I become a master at my topic of choice. I know a lot of workouts and things along those lines that I can teach someone exactly what my dad taught me, which is why on this day I taught my sister some of the basic workout things.