Ancient Greek Wars and Battles


Ionians revolt

499 BC - 494 BC

Ultimately Persia suppresses rebellion.

Persian Wars

497 BC - 479 BC

Ends with defeat of Persia by allied Greeks

Battle of Marathon

490 BC

Athens wins

Battle of Salamis

480 BC

Athens wins

Battle of Thermopylae

480 bc

Persia wins

The Acropolis Burns

480 BC

Persians sack Athens

Battle of Plataea

479 BC

Greeks defeat Persians.

1st Peloponnesian War

460 BC - 445 BC

Ends with agreement between Sparta and Athens

Battle of Tanagra

457 BC

Sparta wins

Five-Year Truce

445 BC

Negotiated by Cimon

2nd Peloponnesian War

431 BCE - 404 BCE

Ends with Spartan occupation of Athens/Thirty Tyrants