1815-1861 Historical and social events in UK


Battle of Waterloo

Approx. 1815

Napoleon's final defeat

Treaty of Vienna

Approx. 1815

Acquisition of a few places by Britain

"The Regency"

1815 - 1820

From 1811 to 1820 George III could not reign because of mental illness and his son George IV was the Regent

King George IV

1820 - 1830

King William IV

1830 - 1837

First Reform Act


The aristocratic Whig politicians gave the vote to the middle class.
1867 Second Reform Act.
1884 Third Reform Act.

Factory Act

Approx. 1833

Poor Law Amendment Act


Workhouses were established.

Queen Victoria

1837 - 1861

From 1837 to 1901


1838 - 1848

People's Charter


Document that demanded the vote for all adult males, election by secret ballot and payment of MPs.

Prince Albert

Approx. 1840

Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Corn Law


Ten Hours' Act

Approx. 1847

Crimean War

1853 - 1856

Conflict followed by the people in the newspapers.
Russia against Turkish Empire.

London Underground


Begin of the building of the London Underground

Indian Mutiny

Approx. 1857

Nearly half of the world's trade was carried in British ships.

Prince Albert's death