Age of Napoleon


Italian Campaign

1796 - 1797

Success: Captured most of Northern Italy and forced the Austrian emperor to sign a peace treaty

Egyptian Campaign

1798 - 1801

Success: Boosted the people's esteem of Napoleon by returning home a hero which led to him becoming a Consulate

Failure: Proved to be a disaster but, Napoleon hid the truth from the French people



Success: Helped overthrow the Directory and set up a three-man governing board known as the Consulate

Banque de France


Success: Napoleon created a new Bank of France to replace the old failing one and placed the people who orchestrated his rise to power high positions in his new Banque de France

Concordat of 1801


Success: Made peace with the Catholic Church and recognized religious freedom while still keeping under the control of the government

Failure: People against the Catholic Church denounced the agreement

Consul for Life


Success: Took the title after another constitution was made

Declared self emperor


Success: Took the crown from the pope and placed it on his own head to show who was in Church

Napoleonic Code


Success: Established equality of citizens before the law, religious toleration, and merit-based advancement.

Failure: Undid some reforms of the Revolution especially for women.

Battle of Trafalgar


Failure: In an attempted invasion of England, Admiral Horatio Nelson defeated Napoleon with a stunning victory and ended any plans that Napoleon had for an invasion

Abolished Holy Roman Empire


Success: Led to Napoleon creating the Confederation of the Rhine and the Grand Duchy of Warsaw

Failure: Cut Prussia in half which would cause Prussia to be very upset at their new "protector"

Continental System


Success: Declined British exports

Failure: Britain responded with their own blockade of European ports and began raiding neutral ships suspected of trading with the other side and would cause the War of 1812 between the British and the Americans

Resistance in Spain


Failure: Napoleon sent French troops to harshly deal with the resisting Spanish and the British but, his troops were needed elsewhere

Invasion of Russia


Failure: Napoleon and 400,000 French troops went to invade Russia but, the Russians utilized the scorched earth policy leaving Napoleon's army cold and hungry forcing him to retreat

Battle of Nations at Leipzig


Failure: A new alliance of Russia, Britain, Austria, and Prussia unified after Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia and defeated him once and for all



Success: After the restoration of Louis XVIII did not go well, Napoleon regained support and began to build up his army once again

Failure: Was exiled to the island of Elba after the Battle of Nations of Leipzig

Hundred Days

March 20, 1815 - July 8, 1815

Success: Marked the period between Napoleon's return from exile on the island of Elba to Paris and the second restoration of Louis XVIII


June 18, 1815

Failure: British and Prussian forces defeated the French after a hard-fought battle and exiled Napoleon one last time to the island of St. Helena