European Timeline


Peloponnesean War

431 BCE - 404 BCE

Ancient Greek war fought by Athens and its empire and Peloponnesean and led by Sparta

Greek/Persian War

431 B.C. - 409 B.C.

Series of conflicts between Empire of Persian and Greek City States

Middle ages and Fuedalism

27 B.C.

The time period of the founding of the Roman empire

Founding of Roman Empire

27 B.C.

Rome was founded by two Brothers and demigods

Fall of the Roman Empire

476 C.E.

Overthrown by Germanic leader

The Crusades

1095 - 1291

A series of religious wars fought by the latin church in the midevil time period

The Renaissance

1350 AD - 1550 AD

Regarded as the cultural bridge between middle ages

Martin Luther and the Reformation


95 theses that protected the popes


1650 - 1800

emphasizing individualism

The French Revolution

1789 - 1799

uprising in france

The Industrial Revolution

1820 - 1840

rapid development of industries

Founding of Greece


Greece became a country