Clause von Stauffenberg


1926 - The young von Stauffenberg, who had earned a place on the German Olympic team for his equestrian skills, joins the Calvary.


1933 - Hitler begins his rise to power. Having misgivings about the regime, Von Stauffenberg does not join the Nazi party.


11/09/1938 - Kristallnacht: in a single night the Nazis ransacked thousands of Jewish businesses and homes. He considered Kristallnacht to be a stain upon Germany.


1943 - Von Stauffenberg is transferred to Tunisia to fight in General Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps.


04/07/1943 - He is severely wounded in this battle and ultimately he loses his left eye, right hand, and fourth and fifth fingers on his left hand.


During his recovery time in Munich, von Stauffenberg resolves to thoroughly devote himself to the task of destroying Hitler and his henchmen.

Approx. 05/1943

09/1943 - Promoted to chief-of-staff to General Friedrich Olbricht, a fellow conspirator, stationed in the General Army Office in the Bendlerblock military building in Berlin.


07/1944 - Von Stauffenberg is promoted to full colonel and appointed chief-of-staff to the Reserve Army commanding general, Friedrich Fromm.


07/11/1944 - First opportunity to execute Valkyrie in Berchtesgaden. The mission is aborted as they believe it necessary to also assassinate high Nazi Party officials, Himmler and Goering.


07/15/1944 - A second opportunity to assassinate Hitler. in Wolfsschanze, or Wolf's Lair. The mission is once again aborted due to the absence of Goering and Himmler.


16:00 - Arrives at the Bendlerblock and finds that the conspiracy is finally being put into effect. The resistance starts to take control of some areas.


22:00 - Fighting erupts in the Bendlerblock between officers supporting the rebellion and those opposing it. Von Stauffenberg is wounded in the shoulder during a brief gun battle.


15:00 - Von Stauffenberg's plane lands in Rangsdorf near Berlin and hears the news that Hitler survived the bombing.


19:00 - Hitler has recovered enough to contact Goebbels, who is in danger of arrest.


12:44 - Certain that the assassination was a success, von Stauffenberg talks his way past the checkpoints and boards a plane to return to Berlin.


07/20/1944 - The conspirators agree this is the day of the assassination, regardless of the presence of Himmler or Goering.


23:00 - General Fromm has regained control, and, perhaps in an effort to conceal his involvement, takes immediate action against the conspirators.


12:42 - Von Stauffenberg, now about 100 yards from the hut, hears the bomb go off.


07/21/1944 01:00 - Von Stauffenberg, Olbricht, von Haeften, and an officer named Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim executed by firing squad.