8000 B.C.E to Presentish


Human Progression

8000 B.C.E

Transition of Hunter Gatherer societies to Agricultural based civilizations

Inventing the wheel

4000 B.C.E - 3000 B.C.E

Implementation and Introduction of writing takes place alongside the invention/use of bronze metalwork, the wheel, and the plow.


3500 B.C.E - 1800 B.C.E

The Sumer Civilization is established and the cuneiform alphabet is created


3100 B.C.E

Egyptian civilizations are erected and begin their rise to power

Indus River Valley

1700 B.C.E

The mass abandonment of Indus Valley Cities is initiated

Trojan War

1400 B.C.E

The Trojan War takes place

Monotheism begins

1200 B.C.E

The first monotheistic religion is designated as Jews settle down and populate middle eastern regions close to the Mediterranean sea.

Rise of Greek city-states

800 B.C.E - 600 B.C.E

Athens and Sparta take to power and become the dominant city-states in Greece

Persia rises

550 B.C.E

Cyrus the Great forms the Persian Empire

Invention of Paper and navigation device

23 C.E - 220 C.E

The invention of paper and the compass

Roman Empire is founded

27 C.E

Roman Empire is founded by Caesar Augustus

Crucifixion of Jesus

30 C.E

Slav Migration

100 C.E - 650 C.E

Slavic populations migrate into Eastern Europe

Eastern Roman Empire

312 C.E - 337 C.E

Constantine becomes emperor; The formation of Eastern Empire persists; Empire adopts christianity

Gupta Empire, Nalanda University

319 C.E - 540 C.E

Gupta Empire founded alongside one of the first universities being established in Nalanda, India

Fall of Rome

476 C.E

The last Roman emperor in the West remains until the empire's eventual collapse

Tang dynasty begins


Abbasid Caliphate established


Growth of the trans-Sahara gold trade is initiated


Song dynasty begins

960 - 1279

The Seljuk Turks take control of the Caliphate


The Christian Crusades

1095 - 1291

Capture of Russia by Mongols


Fall of Baghdad to Mongols, end of Abbasid caliphate


Mongol rule (Yuan dynasty) is established in China

1271 - 1368

The Black Death

1346 - 1353

A deadly plague erupts across the European theater, spread through infected rats aboard trading ships, the disease killed millions in its wake

Ottomans capture Constantinople and begin the fall of Byzantine Empire


Columbus makes landfall in the Bahamas


Beginning of Protestant Reformation in Russia


Ivan the Terrible, first Czar


The Scientific Revolution

1550 - 1700

Tokugawa shogunate established


The Enlightenment

1685 - 1815

Peter the Great begins his reign in Russia

1689 - 1725

American Revolution, America declares independence

1765 - 1776

James Watt constructs the steam engine; Beginning of Industrial Revolution

1780 - 1850

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

Unification Movements across Europe

1871 - 1900

Mexican Revolution

1910 - 1920


1914 - 1918

Great Depression In America

1929 - 1939

World War II

1939 - 1945

NATO Established


Cultural Revolution in China


Iranian Revolution and the spread of Islamic fundamentalism


First democratic elections in South Africa


The Euro enters circulation


Indian Ocean earthquake leaves a quarter of a million dead


Barack Obama is sworn in as 44th president of the USA

2009 - Present