Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Advances


MIchael Faraday


Faraday was an English scientist that studied electromagnetism. Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction. This led to electrical generators and transformers.



An anesthetic is a drug used in surgery to prevent pain. It was first used in 1846. It was created by William Morton.

Bessemer Process


This was a process of steel manufacturing. It was created by Sir Henry Bessemer. This process led to dominant steel production.

Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin was a scientist who is best known for his impact on the topic of evolution. In 1859 he published "On the Origin of Species" which shared his therioes of Evolution. His work allow us to make sense of some biology topics.

Telegraph/ Samuel Morse


A telegraph is a long distance form of text and symbol communication. The electrical telegraph was created by Samuel Morse in 1861. This invention introduced a new way of communication.

Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization


Louis Pasteur is a scientist who found a way to perserve food by killing microbes. The term pasteurization comes from his name and is the process in which the bacteria is being killed. His discoveries have saved many lives.

Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell is an inventor who is most famously known for inventing the first telephone. This invention is one we still use today for modern-day communication. He changed the way people spread ideas and words.

Thomas Edison


Edison was one of the greatest American inventors. He is most famously known for inventing the light bulb in 1879. This invention allowed a source of light to last for a long time and was affordable.

Guglielmo Marconi


Guglielmo Marconi is an Italian inventor who created the first radio. The radio helped transmit information and sounds. We now use the radio for music, news, and etc..

Sigmund Freud


Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist. She founded psychoanalysis which was used to treat psychopathology. She published her works in 1895.



Radioactivity was discovered by Henri Becquerel. Radioactivity is the process where an unstable atom emits radiation. The study of Radioactivity is used today to make nuclear medicine and help treat certain conditions.

Ivan Pavlov


Ivan Pavlov was a Russian psychologist. He is known from creating classic conditioning in 1897. He earned a Nobel Prize in 1904.

Marie and Pierre Curie


Marie and her Husband Pierre Curie are credited for their study in radioactivity, and their discovery of Radium and Polunium. While studying Becquerel's they found other elements involved in radioactivity: Radium and Polonium.

Wilbur and Orville Wright


The Wright Brothers are the ones who built the first ever Airplane. They changed the way of travel in an impactful way. We use airplanes to travel and get to where we need to be thanks to their invention.

Henry Ford


Henry Ford was the creator of the Ford Automobiles in 1908. He revolutionized automobile industries. His creations had a long lasting impact on U.S. infrastructure.

Albert Einstein


Einstein is German-born physicist who is known for creating the Theory of Relatively. He is known for his insanely high IQ. He created the equation of mass-energy equivalence: E= mc2.