before 1933 timeline


Hitler moves to Munich


Hitler inherits the final part of his father's estate. He was pursuing his painting as well as searching for a new group to join. He decides to join the army shortly after moving here

World War 1

1914 - 1918

One of Hitlers "greatest experiences". It was one of the few places where Hitler found comfort and safety even though a war zone is not a safe place. It helped fill the gap in his life after his parents died.

second battle of Ypres

04/22/1915 - 05/15/1915

led by canadian forces. 30,000 soldiers involved

battle of somme

07/01/1916 - 11/19/1916

led by allied forces. 1,375,000 soldiers die during this first battle. considered to be the most violent military operation in the entire war.

battle of aras


British offensive during world war 1. attacked Germans through trenches.

Hitler joins German Workers Party


ordered to investigate the party. Hitler disagreed with a statement and he gave a speech declaring his point, and the party decided to have him join since they thought he would be a valuable asset.

Nazi party formed


Hitler officially creates a political party. This party is antisemitic and not many people supported it at first. Slowly but surely the party became more popular and hitlers speeches became more popular.

Hitler discharged from the army


This gave him more time to become devoted to the nazy party. With this devtotion came more drive to make the party better and more popular.

Hitler delivers the "25 these" speech


one of hitlers big speeches under the nazi party. He was not the main speaker, but the crowd still made some noise before and after he spoke his mind

hitler named leader of nazi party


Hitler becomes the leader of the Nazi party. This gives him the power to as he wishes with the party. His goal is to make it as powerful as possible.

beer hall putsch


Where Hitler was sent to listen in on a meeting. Hitler heard something he didnt agree with and gave a rant about it. the members thought he was good and invited him to stay.

Hitler sent on trial for treason


He was on trial for trying to turn Munich into a military base and rebel against the Weimar republic.

Hitler sentenced 5 years for treason


Hitler is sentenced for prison, but not for a very long time considering his punishment. He was treated extremely well for being in a prison and was even allowed to have an author write a book for him while in prison

mein kampf published


The book was published and written by a man within the prison. Mein Kampf means my struggle

Hitler gets out of jail


Hitler only had to serve 9 months of his 5 year sentence and was dismissed early for good behavior.

Nazis come to power during great depression


Hitler assures stable economy and more jobs with his party, and he uses Jews as scapegoats to convince more people to follow his party

Hitler runs for president


Hitler runs for president but does not win due to him still being an Austrian citizen

hitler becomes a german citizen


this is a big moment for Hitler, as he had always admire Germans and the power that came with being German.