The Ancient Romans


Indo-Europeans begin to move to Italy

Approx. 1500 BC - Approx. 1000 BC

Greeks begin to come to Italy

750 BC - 550 BC

Etruscans expand to north-central Italy

Approx. 650 BC

Romans overthrow last king and establish a republic

509 BC

Council of plebs created

471 BC

Twelve Tables

450 BC

Plebeians can marry Patricians and become consuls

Approx. 400 BC - Approx. 301 BC

Rome defeats Latium

338 BC

First Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

Rome defeats Greeks but struggles with Carthage for control of Sicily

264 BC

Second Punic War

218 BC - 201 BC

Massive Roman defeat by Hannibal's army

216 BC

Rome pushes Carthaginians out of Spain

206 BC

Carthage loses the Battle of Zama

202 BC

Carthage is destroyed and Third Punic War ends

146 BC

Hadrian dies and Antoninus Pius comes to power

138 BC

Senators kill Tiberius

133 BC

Marius becomes general/consul

107 BC

Slave revolt led by Spartacus

73 BC

Spartacus killed

71 BC

Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey form First Triumvirate

60 BC

Crassus killed in battle in Syria

53 BC

Caesar made dictator for life

44 BC

Caesar assassinated

44 BC

Battle of Actium in Greece between Antony and Octavian

31 BC

Octavian comes to power and is renamed Augustus

27 BC

Augustus dies and Tiberius comes to power

14 AD

Fire destroys large part of Rome

64 AD

Nero dies

69 AD

Emperor Caracalla gave citizenship to all free people

212 AD