FIst transports.

3000 b.c

The people of that time only moved by terrestrial means.
They were mainly transported thanks to animals such as horses or oxen.

First water transport

1200 a.c.

The first to use it were the Phoenicians, their motive was for the conquest of land.

First water transport.

1200 a.c.

Public transportation.


In this years it was when the people began to use the public transports like: trams, buses or trains.

First airliners


On this date was when the plane was perfected and the passengers began to use it more often.
The reason for using this type of transport was because it offers advantages such as speed, security ... It is currently the safest transport in the world.

Current transports.


Currently we are transported by many means, whether water: cruises, boats ...
Terrestrial: car, bus or train.
Air: airplane, helicopter or plane.