Physical Education


First Sport Lesson In school

Approx. 1774

First Teacher Of Physical Education

Approx. 1774

Denmark's Bill of 1814

Approx. 1814

Hartford Seminary - PE School

Approx. 1823

First PE Teacher in the U.S.


Charles Beck became the first P.E teacher in America.

First College Gymnasium

Approx. 1826

YMCA Created

Approx. 1851

First City to Require PE in School


Until this time P.E was not a mandatory part of any schools curriculum until Boston became the first city to require and mandated that P.E become a daily part of the curriculm for all the schools within the city limits.

First State to Require PE in School


Up until this no state had mandated that there be a Physical education program in the school curriculum. Individual cities had passed ordinances mandating P.E, but no state as a whole had passed a law that required it state wide. In 1866, California became the first state to require all schools in the state to have P.E be apart of the curriculum with the goal of keeping kids active.

YWCA Created

Approx. 1883

American Assistance for the advancements of P.E

Approx. 1885

Boston Conference is held to examine/evaluate activities of PE

Approx. 1889

7 cardinal principles of secondary education created

Approx. 1918

HPER school is founded

Approx. 1946

Nation Association of Intercollege Athletics formed

Approx. 1952

Presidents council on youth fitness formed

Approx. 1956

Public law 90-170

Approx. 1967

Law that assured kids with disabilities would recieve physical education.

Spark Program created


Spark, a program aimed to educate kids in school at an early age to set a pattern that they will carry into adulthood and will forever maintain a healthy life, was created. The program sets a basis and curriculum based on age and other factors. Today, Spark is known as one of the best and most successful curriculum programs in schools.

Healthy People 2010


Record obesity rates in the U.S.