Social 11: Cold War Timeline


Creation of United Nation

June 1945

The United Nation was created in San Francisco. The original goal of it was to collective security.

Soviet Spy Ring

September 1945

Soviet Union's spy Igor Gouzenko betray his country to Canada and provide the list of Soviet Union's spys.

Creation of NATO

April 4, 1949

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created to defense the possible attack from Soviet Union.

The Korean Conflict

1950 - 1953

Korea was divided into North and South two parts, Communism countries support North part and Capitalism countries support the South part. This war increase the tension on each countries.

Canada Election


Lester Pearson became the Ambassador of United Nations that stands for Canada.

Suez Crisis


Egypt's president took over the canal, Lester Pearson made a negotiation to avoid a war, as well as the first Peacekeeping for U.N.

Nobel Peace Prize


Lester Pearson won Nobel Peace Prize.

Avro Arrow project


Diefenbaker canceled the Avro Arrow project.

Cuba Missile Crises


The USSR secretly set nuclear missiles to Cuba and refused to move it away after it was exposed, the currently situation was close to start a war.

Cyprus Crisis


Canada took part in the peacekeeping activity to Cyprus.

Vietnam War

1965 - 1973

The USA asked South Korea to bomb North Korea and wanted to control Asia from it, the USSR and China sent troops to start a war.

Canada admitted Communist China


Trudeau's Canadian Government offically admitted Communist China government.

Visiting on Communist China


Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau visited China.

Visiting on Cuba


Canada's Prime Minister visited Communist Cuba.

Cold War was Ended


Berlin Wall came down as the symbol of the ending of the Cold War.

Supporting the USA on the war against Iraq


Canada sent troops to Iraq to support the USA.

The USSR Disassembly


The USSR crushed down into 15 countries, the residents do not have much reactions on this.

Bosnia and Croatia

1992 - 1995

The leader of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia wanted a greater Serbia, and the ethnic problems was not solved in the former Yugoslavia, so the conflicts grew to war.



The U.N.'s peacekeeping was failed and the situation was out of control.

Civil War and Chaos in Haiti

1993 - 1997

Canada sent troops to there and leter police to build peace.

Rwanda Disaster

1994 - 1995

Rwanda was divided by ethnic rivalries and colonial forces, then a massacre happened which caused one million citizens' death.