AP Euro Timeline Sem1


The Great Famine

1315 - 1322

An increase in harsh weather destroyed crops, driving prices of food skywards.

The Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

Caused by problems with land, commerce, and royal heirs, this war was one of the most major military conflicts of western history, and left a severe impact on the economies and societies of all of Europe

Bubonic Plague

1347 - Approx. 1550

Known as the Black Death, this was an extraordinarily violent disease that rampaged the countryside, killing many

Italian Renaissance

1350 - 1527

Marking a new era in Europe, the Renaissance was born in Italy, and rapidly grew and spread throughout her neighbors. Humanism and individualism were prevalent ideas, while a common belief of capability infected artists and citizens alike.

New Monarchs (Strong)

Approx. 1450 - 1521

Many dynasties were born during this time, as the "new" monarchs of Europe took reign and made drastic changes. As society advanced, these monarchs were strong, took control, and got things done. Note the Tudor dynasty in England, and Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain

Era of Exploration

Approx. 1450 - Approx. 1650

All European powers compete for new territory, explore and discover, and develop their foreign interactions

Northern Renaissance

1480 - 1550

Although inspired by the Italian Renaissance, the Renaissance in the North was quite different, emphasizing traditional, conservative Christian beliefs and art more.

Charles V

1500 - 1558

Charles V rules the Habsburg HRE

Protestant Reformation

1517 - 1648

New denominations of Christianity are born

Luther's 95 Theses


Martin Luther posts his problems with the Catholic Church, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation

Dutch War for Independence

Approx. 1525 - 1609

The Netherlands have a war with Spain for freedom, England and others get involved

Ivan the Terrible

1533 - 1584

Ivan IV rules Russia, harsh serfdom

Catholic Reformation and Counter-Reformation

1545 - 1648

The Pope tries to make Catholicism more appealing again by reforming it and getting rid of some of the bad stuff; tries to stop growth of Protestantism


1550 - 1700

New Era of art; grand, classical, impressive

Peace of Augsburg


Recognizes Lutheranism as an official religion

Elizabeth I

1558 - 1603

Queen of England; one of the best

Dutch Golden Age

1570 - 1650

Golden Age of the Neth; super good economy

Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre


Henry of Navarre and Margaret of Valois (a Catholic and a Huguenot) wedding day; A Huguenot leader gets killed, then they react, then the Catholics overreact and kill thousands of Huguenots. Civil War of the 3 Henry's starts

Henry IV

1589 - 1610

Henry of Navarre; "Paris is worth a mass;" loved

Defenestration of Prague


Catholic officials are forcibly ejected from a window by Protestants. Starts the 30 Years War

30 Years War

1618 - 1648

Massive Religious War fought in the HRE. Four phases: Bohemian, Danish, Swedish, and French/International. Protestants win.

English Civil War

1642 - 1649

Roundheads (Parliament) v. Cavaliers (Charles I). Par wins

Louis XIV

1643 - 1715

Most important and famous Absolute monarch; domesticated nobility, expanded France, etc.

Peace of Westphalia


End of 30 Years War. Major turning point in history. Religious conflict is pretty much settled. Habsburg power is limited. Netherlands get official independence. Role of Pope/Catholic officials greatly reduced in Government.

Scientific Revolution

Approx. 1650 - Approx. 1789

All sorts of new scientific developments


Approx. 1650 - Approx. 1800

Ideas are based on logic and reason

Stenka Razin's Rebellion


Stinky Raisin scares the crap outta Russian Gov't

Peter the Great

1682 - 1725

Huge reforms, enlightened monarch, brings Russia up to speed

Turks Besiege Vienna


Turks are beat once and for all

Glorious Revolution

1688 - 1689

William and Mary replace James II without any bloodshed; Absolutism is banished from England


1694 - 1778

Most influential enlightenment philosopher

Agricultural Revolution

Approx. 1700 - Approx. 1800

New agriculture methods

Great Northern War

1700 - 1721

Russia beats Sweden, becomes world power

War of Spanish Succession

1701 - 1713

Spain and France v. Rest of Europe; fight for French power

Peace of Utrecht


Ended War of Spanish Succession, balanced power

Frederick William I

1713 - 1740

The Soldier's King of Prussia; "blue boys"

Marie Theresa and Joseph II

1740 - 1790

Enlightened Monarchs of Austria (Habsburgs)

Frederick the Great

1740 - 1786

Enlightened Monarch of Prussia

Maximilien Robespierre

1758 - 1794

Radical Jacobin Leader during French Rev

Catherine the Great

1762 - 1796

Enlightened Monarch of Russia


1769 - 1821

Absolute French Monarch at end of French Rev, very powerful

Louis XVI

1774 - 1792

Cruddy French King during French Rev

American Revolution

1775 - 1783


French Revolution

1789 - 1815

The massive new revolution in France, Louis XVI, Robsepierre, then Bonaparte