AP Euro Timeline


Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

War between England and France over the feudal disputes that lasted 116 years with lots of fighting throughout the time period.

Black Death arrives

1347 - 1400

A plague from rats that came from ships returning from Asia and caused the death of 1/3 of European population.

Italian Renaissance

1375 - 1527

Time of relative peace throughout Europe and was a prosperous time for culture and art. Birth of movement of humanism.

Northern Renaissance

1450 - 1648

Northern Europe was never truly affected by the Italian Renaissance. Though many ideas began to spread and was somewhat the result of the Thirty Years War.

Protestant Reformation

1517 - 1648

Martin Luther began a evolutionary movement against the ideas of the Catholic church and the process of salvation. Other leaders began to be inspired by his ideas and branch off to create their own ways and expose its corruption.

Catholic Counter-Reformation

1545 - 1563

Catholics began to understand they needed to gain power once again to make changes to their ways and become more modern and gain back their believers and followers.

Scientific Revolution/ Enlightenment

1550 - 1800

Lots of advancement began through Europe and its leaders as well as the involvement of women. This began to move away from the religion drama and begin a new era of the enlightenment.