Cold War


Creation of United Nation

June, 1945

The United Nations is created in San Francisco. Canada is one of the original members to sign the Charter. The original goal of the UN was to _ encourage international peace, cooperation, and friendship

Russian Spys exposed

September 1945

Soviet spy Igor Gouzenkou defects to Canada and exposes a Russian spy ring in Canada.


April 4, 1949

NATO: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – is created as a military defense alliance because of fears created by the Cold War with Russia and its allies

Peacemaking Korea

1950 - 1953

Canada sends 27, 000 troops to the Korean War in a United Nations-supported military action.

Canada's new ambassador in UN


Lester B Pearson becomes Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations

Warsaw Pact


The Eastern Bloc countries signed Warsaw Pact in 1955

UN's peacekeeping in Suez


First U.N. peacekeeping troops, negotiated by Lester Pearson, prevents war.

Nobel Peace Prize for Canada


Lester Pearson wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Avro Arrow Cancelled


Diefenbaker’s Conservatives cancel the Avro Arrow project.

Berlin Wall

1961 - 1989

A symbol of Cold War. The corruption meant the over of Cold War

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 14, 1962 - October 28, 1962

The U.S. and Soviet Union come close to nuclear war

Vietnam War

1965 - 1973

A war without Canada's participate. America lost the war.

Communist China recognized


Trudeau’s government officially recognizes Communist China (rather than Taiwan)

Gulf War

August 2, 1990 - February 28, 1991

Canada sends troops to support the U.S. in the Gulf War against Iraq.

Soviet Union Collapses


Soviet Union dissolved into 15 countires