Kingdoms Project Tucker Burris


Ancient Egypt

Approx. 3150 B.C. - Approx. 330 B.C.

*It’s believed that Egypt lasted from around 3150 BC to 330 BC.
*Created Paper, Lever and pulleys, and many pieces of pottery.
*Their writing was hieroglyphics.
*Traded gold and stone and pottery along with some papyrus.
*Located in Egypt and known for thier pyramids also.


813 BC - 146 BC

*Lasted from 814 BC to 146 BC.
*Known for being a great trade center. They traded thier gold, salt, and manufactured goods.
* They were located in modern day Tunis, Tunisia.


Approx. 800 B.C. - Approx. 350 A.D.

*Lasted from at least 800 B.C. to 350 A.D..
*Built Tombs like Egypt for thier leaders.
*Located South of modern day Egypt.
*Known for thier skilled archery.


100 A.D. - 940 A.D.

*Lasted from about 100 to 940 AD
*Located in modern day Ethiopia.
*Known as one of the greatest powers in the world at one time.
*Traded, Ivory, Gold, spices, silk, and many other manufactured goods.
*An important person was King Ezana, because he converted the nation to Christianity, although he eventually lost power and the conversion failed.


Approx. 830 A.D. - Approx. 1235 AD

*Lasted from 830 AD to 1235 AD.
*Located in modern day Ghana.
*Known for it's gold trade.


900 A.D. - 1593 A.D.

*Lasted from about 900 AD to 1593 AD.
*Located in modern day Kenya.
*Known for it's trade with Portugal.
*Also known for Ibn Battuta's trip to Mombasa.


Approx. 960 A.D. - Approx. 1505 A.D.

*Lasted from 960 to 1505 AD.
*They traded cloth, jewelry, and manufactured goods.
*Known as a primary trade center for European countries.

Great Zimbabwe

1220 A.D. - 1400 A.D.

*Lasted from 1220 AD to 1400 AD
*It was known as the house of rock for it's trade of gems and minerals.
*Located in many parts of Southern Africa at it's peak, most notably South Africa.


1230 A.D. - 1600 A.D.

*Mali was created in 1230 A.D. and ended in 1600 A.D.
*Sundiata Keita united the tribes of the Malinke peoples. He then led them to overthrow the rule of the Soso. He was the one to create this country.
*Located in modern day Mali.
*Known for it's trade of ivory and salt.


1402 A.D. - 1512 A.D.

*Lasted from around 1402 A.D. to 1512 A.D.
*Located in modern day Kenya.
*Was an important trading post.
*Traded gold, salt, ivory, manufactured goods and spices.


1430 A.D. - 1591 A.D.

*Lasted from about 1430 AD to 1591 AD.
*Was located in modern day Central Niger and west of the Niger River.
*Known for the famous trading city of Timbuctoo.
*Traded Ivory and gold and other gems. Also known for capturing the Trans-Saharan Trade routes.